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Travel Blog and Travel Consultant
  1. What a Travel Consultant Does
    Assist in planning and booking travel with the best options in transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, and activities. Can coordinate the entire travel experience or only part of it. AKA: Travel Agent, Travel Adviser, Travel Specialist
  2. My Services
    I will help you plan your dream vacation including booking transportation, accommodations, and/or activities. Let me take all of the stress out of planning your vacation while you just sit back and relax. Specializing in European, Cultural, African, and Australian travel.
  3. Travel Options
    Personalized package tours (you decide on every aspect of the trip); pre-packaged tours, group tours (of all ages, sizes, and lengths), cruises--river or oceanic, safaris, or train expeditions.
Heather Marohl
I have studied with the Travel Institute earning the title Certified Travel Associate, worked in the industy, and traveled personally extensively. I will continue my education through various sources, including travel itself and the Travel Institute as a I continue my specialization in European Travel. 
Travel Consultant, Blogger, Agency Owner
"Don't call it a dream, call it a plan!"